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As of October 1, 2021, Teradici has become a part of HP Inc. HP Anyware (formerly Teradici Cloud Access Software) delivers physical/virtual PC, Mac and Linux desktops and high-performance workstations from the cloud, hybrid or on - prem environment. HP Anyware is used by users across different industries, including Media & Entertainment, Manufacturing, Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Finance, Education, Healthcare, Government and more. PC-over-IP (PCoIP) technology delivers a secure, high-definition and highly responsive computing experience. It uses advanced display compression to allow users remote access to their on-premises workstations or virtual machine instances in local data centers or public clouds from a broad range of endpoint devices.

Below you´ll also find examples of AVX2 supported solutions, which is a perfect fit for using the high performance PCoIP Ultra protocol. We encourage you to ask for a BID:ed quote, you can get even better prices for a multi volume purchase of 10 CCU´s and up!

We also recommend you a free on-line demo, please book a demo here >>

Migration Guide: Transitioning from ZCentral (RGS) to HP Anyware. Learn how to migrate onto a subscription license model and transition your team to the next generation product. Read the guide (pdf) >>

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New PCoIP Ultra Feature Provides Up to 80% Bandwidth Savings For Remote Users

With the new Auto-Offload mode, PCoIP Ultra uses CPU-Offload by default but dynamically switches to GPU-Offload in-session during periods of high display activity. Auto-Offload optimizes performance by switching between the highest quality mode needed for content accuracy and the system efficient H.264 mode supported by NVENC.

Read more about the new Auto-Offload mode >>

To all HP Anyware software solutions >>

Deployment of HP Anyware Manager & Connector on-prem, hybrid or in a cloud environment!

We offer you Deployment Services and a PCoIP Quick StartUp onboarding session with a PCoIP expert to get you up and running with HP Anyware and PCoIP Ultra as soon as possible. A remote session usually takes about 4 to 8 hours with a certified consultant plus hourly add-ons as needed. At the end of the quickstart, you will have a functional environment installed with the help and advice of a PCoIP expert.

Anyware Manager is a management plane enabling users to configure, manage and monitor brokering of remote workstations. Anyware Manager enables highly-scalable and cost-effective HP Anyware deployments by managing cloud compute costs by brokering PCoIP connections to remote Windows, Linux, or macOS desktops.

Anyware Manager requires an additional component called Anyware Connector, which resides in the user's environment. Anyware Connector is an access hub that facilitates PCoIP connections to remote desktops and workstations by providing user authentication, entitlement and security gateway services without the need of a costly VPN solution.

Read more about HP Anyware Deployment scenarios (pdf) >>

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HP Z4 Rack G5 Workstation PC, the world's most powerful 1U rack workstation!

HP Inc has launched the next generation of HP Z workstations! With the latest HP Z4 Rack G5 workstation in production since September 18th 2023, we are ready to help you with configurations and solutions built around this 1U unit for your data center ie. med GeForce RTX 40/30 serien, RTX 6000 Ada, RTX A6000, RTX 5000 Ada, RTX A5000, RTX 4500 Ada, RTX A4500, RTX 4000 Ada, RTX A4000, RTX A2000, AMD etc. From data analysis and visualization to real-time rendering, 3D design and animation – Z by HP Workstations power the heaviest professional workflows. Read more >>

Remote access without compromise! Why HP Remote Access Solution Beats VDI and Cloud for High-Performance PC Power Anywhere? Well, that's why we offer 1:1 Dedicated Workstation Power! Free your power users to tackle computing and graphics-intensive projects anywhere with a complete hardware and software solution for demanding remote workflows.


We recommend that you request a BID quote, then you can get even better prices. If you need a proposal for a solution, please contact us on +46 (0) 8-556 717 44, choose 1 or fill in your interest above.

Below you will find six bundled options on the HP Z4 Rack G5 pre-configured with HP Support 3 years, Intel Xeon W3-2423 4.0 GHz or Intel Xeon W3-2425 4.2 GHz, NVIDIA GPUs, HP Anyware Pro 3 years 24x7 Global Support and HP Anyware Integrated Remote System Controller so that IT can easily manage the system remotely ie. pre-boot access, BIOS updates and re-imaging etc. If you would like suggestions for a different configuration, we will help you build the desired workstation based on your requirements, needs and wishes, please fill in your expression of interest here >>.

We are happy to help you install and configure this solution through our PCoIP Quick Start Up Professional Service, read more or book a on-line demo >>

HP Elite t755 Review - Powerful Thin Client for Demanding Users - By StorageReview

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), VMware Horizon, Citrix, and others have enabled their virtual desktops to support powerful GPUs, large amounts of memory, and multi-core processors. This allowed use cases traditionally confined to physical desktops to be delivered remotely just a few years ago. However, to take full advantage of these virtual desktops, you need a thin client that is up to the task. HP has answered the call by releasing the HP Elite t755 Thin Client with the power, security, and reliability needed for today’s new workloads.

One of the selling points of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and desktop as a service (DaaS) is that powerful enterprise-grade servers and workstations handle the computing. This allows less powerful and lower-cost thin clients to be used by the users doing the work. This is true, but power users still need robust systems to process the data stream and offload some functions from the virtual desktops.

A prime example is that remote workers have embraced Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) applications. Instead of having face-to-face conversations, we use apps like Teams or Zoom to connect with colleagues worldwide. However, running UCC directly from remote desktops can strain computing resources and cause excessive network traffic in the data center.

VDI players such as VMware and Citrix use multimedia redirection (MMR) to run applications directly on thin clients rather than the virtual desktop to work around this issue. This uses the CPU of the thin client and allows the network traffic to bypass the virtual desktop.

The diagram below illustrates how Zoom network traffic is routed directly from a thin client to a remote peer without going through the virtual desktop. Tip: The Zoom VDI Client and the Zoom Plugin work in synchronization via the PCoIP session to render the Zoom meeting in layers, typically superimposing the meeting on the Anyware client window. Additionally, instead of using USB Redirection, the Zoom VDI Plugin utilizes the media devices of the client machines to send audio and video data to the Zoom server.

Using technologies such as these can increase VDI guest density, but the thin clients must have the power to process these functions locally and deal with the constant stream of data from the remote protocol.

Last year, we reviewed an HP t655 thin client >> running IGEL and were impressed with its performance and build quality. The t755 is a new and even more powerful thin client from HP.

During the last couple of years, it became apparent that users needed devices that connect to their remote desktops that are more powerful, greener, and capable of supporting the latest remote desktop technology, such as MMR.


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HP tz655 Trusted Zero Client launched with PCoIP Ultra support!

The HP tz655 Trusted Zero Client has been officially unveiled targeted towards use in high security areas ie. government establishments.

The Trusted Zero Client is HP's next-generation standalone PCoIP client, securely connecting users to their HP Anyware remote desktops as well as Amazon WorkSpaces and VMware Horizon View using the PCoIP protocol (VMware Horizon support is currently in beta). Trusted Zero Clients are designed around strict zero-trust principles, providing extremely secure connections and ensuring device integrity wherever they are deployed.


Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client vs Trusted Zero Client Notes

If you are an existing Tera2 Zero Client user or have prior experience using the Tera2 devices, the following page will highlight some of the more important differences between the two.



The HP tz655 Trusted Zero Client will soon be available, we will keep you posted for future notice here!

More information

If you need assistance we are happy to offer you project based support from certified consultants. Please contact Ted Sinabian, InfiniteSec @ Extended Ångström Data on e-mail ted@ea-data.com alternative at info@ea-data.com or call +46 (8) 556 717 44, choose 1 or fill in your interest below.

Leadtek Trusted Zero Clients RZ4415 & RZ2215 is now available and orderable!

In today's hybrid work environment, comprehensive zero trust is increasingly demanded and crucial as a defense mechanism, especially against network threats. In response to this situation, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) of the United States has proposed the Zero Trust Maturity Model. This model consists of five key elements: user identity, device trust, network, application workload, and data.

"Iidentity" is one of the five independent pillars that constitute the foundation of zero trust. The second pillar focuses on "device trust." This model not only involves the authentication of user identities but also ensures the compliance of the access devices used. Particularly in regulated industries, the security of these devices needs to be managed to ensure baseline protection and visibility into the security status of the devices.

In light of this, the new generation PCoIP Trusted Zero Client from Leadtek undergo identity authentication from design to manufacturing, incorporating unique credentials into the process. From the moment of deployment, identity authentication continues during formal operation, complemented by the Anyware Trust Center and Leadtek Device Management Software, continuously monitoring the operation of the “Zero Trust” Process.

RZ2215 Trusted Zero Client >>

RZ4415 Trusted Zero Client >>

We recommend you to request a BID:ed quote in order to get a better price. If you need assistans or suggestions for a solution, please contact us on +46 (0) 8-556 717 44, select 1 or fill in your interest below.