You get an extra 2.500 SEK discount when you buy a minimum of 5 HP Anyware Professional licenses. Enter Promo-2500 at cashier at check-out. This offer is valid until December 24th. If you buy 10 or more licenses, we recommend that you request a BID:ed quote!

As of October 1, 2021, Teradici has become a part of HP Inc. HP Anyware (formerly Teradici Cloud Access Software) delivers physical/virtual PC, Mac and Linux desktops and high-performance workstations from the cloud, hybrid or on - prem environment. HP Anyware is used by users across different industries, including Media & Entertainment, Manufacturing, Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Finance, Education, Healthcare, Government and more. PC-over-IP (PCoIP) technology delivers a secure, high-definition and highly responsive computing experience. It uses advanced display compression to allow users remote access to their on-premises workstations or virtual machine instances in local data centers or public clouds from a broad range of endpoint devices.

Below you´ll also find examples of AVX2 supported solutions, which is a perfect fit for using the high performance PCoIP Ultra protocol (see video). We encourage you to ask for a BID:ed quote, you can get even better prices for a multi volume purchase.

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Migration Guide: Transitioning from ZCentral (RGS) to HP Anyware. Learn how to migrate onto a subscription license model and transition your team to the next generation product. Read the guide (pdf) >>

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Deployment of HP Anyware Manager & Connector on-prem, hybrid or in a cloud environment!

We offer you Deployment Services and a PCoIP Quick StartUp onboarding session with a PCoIP expert to get you up and running with HP Anyware and PCoIP Ultra as soon as possible. A remote session usually takes about 4 to 8 hours with a certified consultant plus hourly add-ons as needed. At the end of the quickstart, you will have a functional environment installed with the help and advice of a PCoIP expert.

Anyware Manager is a management plane enabling users to configure, manage and monitor brokering of remote workstations. Anyware Manager enables highly-scalable and cost-effective HP Anyware deployments by managing cloud compute costs by brokering PCoIP connections to remote Windows, Linux, or macOS desktops.

Anyware Manager requires an additional component called Anyware Connector, which resides in the user's environment. Anyware Connector is an access hub that facilitates PCoIP connections to remote desktops and workstations by providing user authentication, entitlement and security gateway services without the need of a costly VPN solution.

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New PCoIP Ultra Feature Provides Up to 80% Bandwidth Savings For Remote Users

With the new Auto-Offload mode, PCoIP Ultra uses CPU-Offload by default but dynamically switches to GPU-Offload in-session during periods of high display activity. Auto-Offload optimizes performance by switching between the highest quality mode needed for content accuracy and the system efficient H.264 mode supported by NVENC.

Read more about the new Auto-Offload mode >>

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