Neat Devices & Experiences Virtual Tour (on-demand) - January 31st, 2024 - December 31st, 2024

Join the Neat Product Specialist team on a captivating journey as they showcase Neat devices in an array of modern work environments. Explore Neat’s cutting-edge technology that powers engaging experiences, providing you the freedom to meet, create and collaborate whenever, wherever and however you want.

The Virtual Tour includes demonstrations of:

  • Virtual Receptionist (Neat Frame in Zoom Kiosk mode)
  • Hot Desking (Neat Frame on Microsoft Teams)
  • Personal Zoom Room (Neat Frame)
  • Deep Noise Suppression (Neat Frame)
  • Neat Center
  • Scheduling Display & Room Control (Neat Pad)
  • Ad-Hoc Meeting in a Conference Room with Neat Symmetry (Neat Bar Pro)
  • Open Collaboration Lounge Spaces w/ Neat Boundary, Neat Symmetry and Whiteboarding (Neat Board 50)

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