TERA2240 host card (RJ45 edition) incl. 1 year Teradici Workstation Access

TERA2240 host card (RJ45 edition) incl. 1 year Teradici Workstation Access 3292C001101TERA2240
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Orderable item, expected delivery time approx. 1 week.
TERA2240 PCoIP remote acceleration cards can be added to any existing PC or workstation to enable field-proven high-end 1:1 session leveraging PCoIP protocol graphics and desktop performance. It’s the only hardware remote solution which can allows high-end 3D applications with dedicated GPUs that is not available when using virtualized desktops.
Powerful Collaboration with High Performance Graphics Card
No matter you are a 3D game artist, an animation modeling designer, movie editor, or mechanical engineer, your workstation which is embedded the workstation card or other high-performance graphics card must offer high level of interactivity while enabling unprecedented performance, features and photo-realistic image quality. PCoIP host card series is the only hardware remote solution which allows you continue using your current graphics card to deliver the fastest application performance and the highest quality workstation graphics.
Hardware Advantages over Software Codec
PCoIP hardware acceleration host card optimizes CPU loading, network loading, and user experience at once, while other software remote solutions optimize one at the expense of the others.
Remoted to a PCoIP zero client or integrated PCoIP display
All you need is a free PCIe slot and a graphics card
High Security and Privacy by locating data in the datacenter
Completely OS Independent
All applications run as normal
Manages complexity and reduce cost by facilitating centralized management
The Host Card Price will include a 1 year subscription to Workstation Access which comprises
-Workstation Card firmware new features and updates including 4K
-Zero Client firmware new features and updates including 4K
-Teradici Management Console Enterprise (MC 3.1 scheduled to be released in December will support Host Cards)
-Access to Teradici forums and publications
-24x7 Teradici support for both Host Card and
-Zero Client firmware
-Access to Cloud Access Software extended evaluation


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